Kitengesa, Lwannunda
Masaka, Uganda

Organic Gardens

Organic Farming Project Progress Report for the Period of Six Months

Lwannunda Community Development Initiatives wishes to acknowledge and thank funding partner and all stakeholders for the achievement we have realized. Our appreciation goes to our Funder in this program for mobilizing the financial support for the project, we are deeply indeed indebted to you for all the support received and used to-date.

Organic farming project – Previous Situation

The overuse of dangerous and expensive pesticides has caused the loss of bio diversity on farming land, hence natural imbalance and poisoning. Poor farming methods have also caused erosion, soil infertility and desperately low yields; denying the farmers income and an inability to meet their financial obligations. Above all, lack of organic agriculture skills and information on how to break this vicious circle was the greatest challenge facing them.


LCDI is working with rural farmers to implement Organic farming capacity training and information support to the farmers for Food security, Nutrition and Income Sustainability project. We conducted residential training on farms, LCDI started Demonstration Organic Vegetable Gardens to train farmers.

Goal: Build the communities capacity to secure their own food, nutrition and income at household level to alleviate poverty.

Objectives: To empower the local people with knowledge to harness their potential in order to raise their living standards and to make them healthy and environmentally conscious

LCDI is looking for more support to train more Farmers in this new Organic programs.

Training of Organic Farming at LCDI









LCDI is looking for more support to train more Farmers in this new Organic programs

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