Kitengesa, Lwannunda
Masaka, Uganda

Vocational Institute


The need for vocational educational and medical resources has long been identified by the Community’s leaders.   The benefits are numerous. The Vocational School provide to all young and adults, with the essential life-skills needed to survive. The subjects of computers, tailoring, catering, hairdressing, music, agriculture etc. are taught to enable the students to learn skills and become job creators instead of job seekers.

Since its inception, LCDI has trained over 300 girls and 100 boys and equipped with skills in Tailoring, Hair dressing, Farming/Agriculture, Building and Concrete practice, and Catering.

The institute also has fully constructed class rooms, a computer Lab and training workshops for each course offered. However these labs and workshops need an overhaul as the facilities in have greatly depreciated. It also has a farming and demonstration centre for practical lessons in Agriculture.

The AIDS epidemic and extreme poverty have robbed many families in Masaka and other areas of Uganda of key providers. This education goes a long way to restoring these children’s dignity and sense of self-worth and with it the hopes of the Masaka Community and the surrounding areas

Much as training has been offered to both girls and boys, LCDI now intends to focus on the girls alone as the cost of maintaining two sections especially for boarding is expensive, but also studies indicated that focusing on girls alone will bring more results to the community.